Saabi-Sil Retrievers is located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We specialize in training retrievers for waterfowl and upland hunting. We do very selective breedings of our bloodlines. Focusing on great field champions, outstanding waterfowl and upland hunting dogs and overall family pets. Our bloodlines are from proven Field Champion lines. We personally train our Labradors for AKC Hunt Tests as well as waterfowl and upland hunting partners.

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Breeding sound, fun, hard working, eager to please GWP’s that are proven on wild game only is what they do.  Whether it is water fowl in the most extreme conditions, or upland birds, such as grouse and woodcock in the northern forest, or pheasants, sharp tails, prairie  chickens, grey partridge or quail on the prairies , cornfields or cattail marshes in the fly-over states.  They are as far from a field trial dog as you can get! With pups available usually late winter and early spring that will be ready for next seasons hunts, give them a call.

Our goal is to develop a Quality Line of Labrador Retrievers for the Hunter! We are a small to mid size kennel focused on success! Providing Puppies and started Dogs from our superior bloodlines of Labrador Retrievers.

Dr Dogs Ear Oil stops dogs ears from itching. and relieves pain when the dog has an ear ache.

Providers of Great Hunting Partners

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