Saabi-Sil Retrievers is located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We specialize in training retrievers for waterfowl and upland hunting. We do very selective breedings of our bloodlines. Focusing on great field champions, outstanding waterfowl and upland hunting dogs and overall family pets. Our bloodlines are from proven Field Champion lines. We personally train our Labradors for AKC Hunt Tests as well as waterfowl and upland hunting partners.

Dr Dogs Ear Oil stops dogs ears from itching. and relieves pain when the dog has an ear ache.

Marble Mountain Kennels

            Quality Labs in Northern California
Marble Mountain Kennels is a family owned and operated kennel. We produce Labrador Retrievers with both outstanding natural hunting skills and well-balanced, personable dispositions. We are located in the northern extreme of California in the heart of the Pacific flyway, where quail and pheasant can still be found in their natural setting with the beautiful backdrop of the Marble Mountains.

OUR MISSION IS TO BREED THE BEST HUNTING COMPANION ~   Get My Point Kennel was started in 1986.  Mission was to take a great versatile breed and keep the best traits~traits of close working dogs with sound conformation and a disposition that says “I WANT TO HUNT WITH YOU.”  GWP’s  that are your best friend and hunt in the worst conditions and still think you am the greatest thing there is in the world ~ All that for a dry kibble and a pat on the head.

Providers of Great Hunting Partners

Designed for the sporting dog that is active more days than not. Active formulas are built to allow for maximum digestion, even though the dog is really active. This is where many foods fail, as they aren’t formulated to account for the differences in digestion once a dog becomes more active versus the casual dog diet. Protein types, protein levels, fat types, fat levels and fiber sources all have a bearing in the construction of Dr. Tim’s Active Formulas to maximize your dog’ performance and recovery.

We are not a puppy farm and we do not provide our beautiful Fox Red Labs for resale. We are committed to maintaining pure bloodlines. Our labs come from championship hunting lines, bred for temperament and trainability. Highly intelligent, DOA Outfitter’s Fox Red Labs are outstanding pointing retrievers. We believe that great hunting dogs come from great homes.