What Makes a Great Hunting Partner?    
As I am in the field setting decoys wondering where my hunting buddy is (as he is over an hour late)  I contemplate what are the characteristics of the “best” hunting partner.   

Well the first is easy, he should always be ready to go and be on time. 

Here are the rest;   

Dependability. A nice attribute to have in a hunting buddy.   I value the partner who is always ready to go, always on time, and always happy to be there.    

Jovial disposition.  It is just more pleasant to be in the company of a happy hunting partner.   

Altruistic. A partner that is happy to let you have the first shot, to jump up to help you find the lost cripple in the tall grass even though other birds are coming in, is a great trait that isn’t overly abundant in many hunting partners.  

Reverence. Holding their hunting partners in high regard regardless of how they shoot or call, is a trait in rare quantities in most blinds.

These characteristics are what I consider ideal in a hunting partner. In my time I have had some fine hunting buddies but only one consistently displays the above characteristics unfailingly. 

In times of plenty and scarcity; when our aim is true and when it strays.  When the flocks are small and far as well as when they are close and numerous. 

Only one has consistently expressed the ideals above.

Only one. 

He is a big guy. Broad shoulders, athletic, but quiet.  His name is Bear, the Fowled Up Waterfowl Dog.  He is my best hunting partner and I look forward to every hunt we share.  

I hope you are lucky enough to have a partner as good as he.

Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Good, Be, and BE LUCKY!​
Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Be Good, and Be LUCKY!

Dave Proffitt, Owner of FOWLEDupWATERFOWLERS.com

The Best Partner