Bark Blaster 

A humane, effective shock-collar alternative that is customized to the exact needs of your dog(s). BarkBlaster offers 24/7 accountability.




With SRB Field Rests you'll never have to lay your weapon on the ground again. Our field rests are proudly created and manufactured in America.

REFLIXX LANYARDS~ The Signature #1 features a multi-color braid on the neck section and a spiral braid on the chest section of the lanyard. This lanyard is equipped with 1 whistle clip and 3 call drops. The Pre-Designed Lanyard allows you to select Primary and Secondary colors, choose to replace the whistle clip with a call drop, and choose to make all call drops as single or paired drops. (We strongly recommend paired call drops for call security). Features of this lanyard are included on our Lanyard Designer, in which you have the ability to choose the design from multiple lanyards to construct your unique lanyard with up to 6 call drops.

RANDOM TIMER & MOTORS that Doubles Battery Life & Motor Dependibility - Runs on Two D-cell Batteries up to 25 hours or MORE and comes with  ORANGE weedless paddling feet (with foot attachments), easy access battery holder, down rotating head, easy access water proof switch, flotation insert & Random Timer
Magic Skimmer Paddle Wheel Hen,  Swims to the LEFT 5 Seconds, Swims to the RIGHT 5 Seconds & FORWARD 5 Seconds.

If it gets any better than this -- you are GUNA HAFTA SHOOT IT 

Do you want to get more ducks into your kill zone with no chance of flaring? Then migrate to the right place! 

Sutter Basin Duck Calls was started in 2008 as a California Corporation. The company is run by Gene Carter and is headquartered in Yuba City, California. The sole focus of Sutter Basin Duck Calls is the crafting of fine, professional grade, acrylic and wood waterfowl calls.

Great Products for the Passionate Waterfowler! 

    ALL Men are created equal ..... after that, it depends on who is using the best


The Ultimate Outdoor Oven ~ Durable, cast aluminum construction ~ Cook biscuits, calzones, cinnamon rolls and more~ Multipurpose: Un-hinge utensil to use as skillets, connect utensil for use as oven ~ Large 8"x8" cooking area Use with propane stove or any heat source ~ Easy to pack for the outdoors.

Keeping Your Weapons Safe, Clean and Ready~!

WILDFOWLERis designed with a purpose: Quality concealment at an affordable price. The different is clear. We pride ourself on offering the best value for quality camouflage apparel and gear. Our products keep hunters dry, comfortable and quiet in a variety of unique patterns that offer superior concealment in every environment. Yet we insists on delivering it at an affordable price. 

We guarantee:Quality gear and apparel at an affordable price; Waterproof garments that conquer the elements; Windproof and breathable garments that keep hunters warm and dry; Noiseless materials that help hunters be quiet; Designs for every size and stature (youth-4X); Unique camo patterns for every environment