I love to hunt waterfowl.  I also love to collect gear to hunt waterfowl.  Seeking out stuff that might be an asset to help me kill one more duck, or at least impress my friends, has lead me to try all sorts of stuff.   

  I once owned and carried in my trailer a Cabelas Vortex; a rotating helicopter imitating devise to spin a couple of mojos around like a pair of tight circling ducks.  It looked pretty sweet.  It was also heavy, awkward to set up, required frequent attention and worked almost as well as a regular mojo on a stake, (only with five times more effort) .

But during the off season, when not cleaning or flocking decoys, chasing turkeys or smallmouth bass, or trying to destroy crows ….. well, collecting new gear is high priority. 

Here are a couple of innovative gadgets that I have come across that I am thinking may be fun to own and use next season; they may even increase my harvest.


Fowl Foolers Flappers http://www.fowlfoolers.com/duck-hunt...cessories.html

The Flapper™is operated by waving it back and forth, mimicking the appearance of a duck flapping its wings. This motion is instantly able to be started and stopped by you, the hunter. They are inexpensive and will ensure that all persons in the field are engaged in decoying. I like the manner that you can use motion while the birds are out and stop it easily when they commit. It should contribute less to the education of birds to spinners and provide a new non-conditioned response.


White Rock Blind Door Covers http://whiterockdecoys.com/blinddoordecoys.html  

White Rock Blind Door Decoys just seem like a brilliant idea. These simple and inexpensive decoys insert into the cover straps to offer additional concealment and a blending of the decoys and the hide in the field. Grassing layout blinds with natural cover from the field you’re hunting in is always a must, but grassing alone doesn’t hide the distinct edges and shadow lines of a blind. This product should be a big help in the second most important part of a field hunt ….. staying HIDDEN!


PuddleSet http://puddleset.com/

I recently read the book, “No Easy Day” about the navy Seals. One interesting point is that the Seal Team Members maintain “ready to go” packs of different gear for the most common deployments. One for desert, one for jungle, one for sea. In this way their gear is always quickly available and specific for their mission.

I decided to use that line of thinking in storing my gear for the upcoming season. I hunt a lot of marshes and pot holes as well as rivers and bigger lakes. When hunting the shallow water having long decoy weight lines just get in the way. So this year I am planning to rig some of my shallow water duck decoys with PuddleSet decoy anchors. Made of a flexible rod they look to deploy extremely quickly with zero chance of wrapping or tangling. These decoy anchors may be ideal for use in flooded timber, flooded fields, swamps, or any open water shallows. PuddleSet decoy anchors should make my hunts easier, less frustrating, and more enjoyable.

So during this off season, collect some STUFF~! 

And until I see you in the field, be safe, be good, and BE LUCKY!

Seeking an EDGE~!