I Have a Sickness; a Need for More and More Gear

As a “Fowled Up Waterfowler” I am always on the outlook for a new tool that will allow me to get a little closer to one more duck or goose. I review with great enthusiasm every new catalogue or commercial that shows me something I have never seen before. I am fond of a saying, “All Men are created equal, after that it depends on who has the best gear”.  Thus, I am always evaluating gear.

This year I am intrigued by a few pieces gear that are new to me and I am hoping to get into the field this fall.

First is the Wonder Duck Skimmer.  This is a unique water motion decoy. It runs off to D-cell batteries for up to 25 hours.  The decoy splashes orange “feet”. With a random timer and alternating lateral power it produces a realistic commotion.  My experience has lead me to believe that on windless and cloudy days, motion, or the lack of it, is what determines success. In the past (years ago) I have used spinning wing decoys with some success I still have great success in fields with them. But over the last decade, I have notice less and less success and on some occasions clearly flaring birds with the spinners.  I have used a jerk string and some quiver butts. The jerk string competes with my calling and the quiver butts don’t provide enough splash. I plan on using this in North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho this fall.  I hold a lot of promise in this decoy.







Second is a Canada Goose decoy that I will be using here in Oregon. Here we are not allowed to use mechanized decoys.  What my hunting adventures have taught me is that motion is important in Canada Goose hunting.  But it is a different kind of motion from what you see with snow goose spreads.  I have used wind socks to add motion. Now, I want to enhance this further with the use of a Canada Decoy Tree from Smart Stick. This is a three-part gliding decoy set up on a swiveling “Tree”. It provides a kind of flagging of the geese away from the blinds.  I will set this upwind of the X and believe it will help guide geese in.






Lastly, I am consider buying what looks to me to be the BEST replica of a goose in a field jumping up and repositioning in a flock.  The full body flapper decoy looks great in the video’s I have seen.  The motion is continuous and realistic and keeps the geese from focusing on the blinds.  Ideally, I could see using two in the upwind front side of the spread.  These decoys would pretty much eliminate the need for flagging.   These decoys aren’t cheap so I may have to wait a year before getting them….. but you never know.





Anticipating, planning, seeking out new places and new gear. It is what makes my waterfowl season last 12 months long.

Until I see you in the field, be safe, be good, and BE LUCKY!