Perfect Hide

I am a guy who doesn’t mind paying for quality.  I use great calls and great shotguns.  My outer wear is mostly Drake.  I have what I consider to be the best decoys.  I value my money and part with it when I see the value in what I am obtaining.

However, I don’t throw my money away either.  I may see something I like but decide it is not worth what is being asked for it and I will turn my energy elsewhere.  Such as it is with the commercially available A frame blinds.  Check them out in your Waterfowl Gear Catalogues and you will see some nice A-Frames running in the neighborhood of $500.  That is a hefty sum for a guy like me;  a third of a new auto, almost a dozen (I said almost) fully flocked goose decoys, a lot of scouting diesel. 

As I have done over the last few years I build a couple of light weight A-Frames during the off season for a fraction of the cost of a commercial option.  They are handy, mobile, and well worth the effort. 

My supplies are modest.  I frame the blind with 2x2’s at 5’ long.  Two 10’ long 2x2 run under six bucks.  This is enough space for two guys to hunt.  I could easily make it longer with just a little more bracing.  The 5’ sections work well.  I frame it up and screw it together. 

I then wrap the frame with garden netting.  I bought a big roll of this stuff from Lowe’s a couple years ago for about $15.  This roll will make six or more of my blinds.  The netting provides some ridgedness to the blind but it is mostly to allow the tying on of natural materials. 

Next, I applied grass mats to the blind.  I purchased eight 4’x4’ grass mat sheets from Rogers Sporting Goods for under $100 and Rogers paid the shipping.  To cover one of my A-Frames (both sides) consumes three grass mats. So, I got $37.50 of grass invested.

To attach the grass mats, I used a heavy-duty stapler.  I already owned the stapler and maybe used $1.50 worth of staples. 

I added a 50” leg made from 2X1 on each side and connected with a carriage bolt.

At the end of my three-hour project I got about $50 total into this blind.  It is super light and portable.  I can use it as a regular A-Frame or put both sides out and back it into natural cover for a larger blind.  At this price, I can leave it out for the season on some private water I hunt and if it gets carried away by a flood or stolen …well I can still sleep at night.

Until I see you in the field, be safe … be good …. And BE LUCKY!