HIP to be HICK

​​I was raised in a small town in Nebraska. Unlike most of Nebraska that leads the world in production of corn and sweat, my home town was mildly recognized as being the leading exporter of redneck.

My summer preseason high school football work outs primarily involved stacking 85 pound square bales and having contests to see who could unload a corn bin the fastest.

“Entertainment” when I was young was pretty much limited to hunting, fishing, and trapping. Reading and shopping were not in the top 100 personally enjoyed activities.

Yes, it is true; I have taken a date to a tracker pull, fried frog legs, and used a home tanned beaver pelt to decorate a coffee table.

But I am not so redneck that I would actually buy a Duck Dynasty T-shirt from Wal-Mart.

That realization started me thinking about how it has suddenly become “hip” to be “hick”.

It is a funny thing too.

Due to the efforts and influences of my parents, despite the astronomical odds, (I’m talking Buster Douglas - Mike Tyson odds); I was able to get an education. From a BS to Masters and finally a PhD, I spent some energy in academic environments trying not to appear as “Hick” as I am.

Now, I see people trying to be more “hick” then they actually are.

Life is pretty funny.

Recently, to the strong objection of my wife, I “customized” my F250 diesel. I have been spending hours looking at Google images of camo’d trucks and researching which venders provide the best products. My wife disparaged me, “You will look like a total hick driving a camo’d truck around. “It is embarrassment”! 

Well maybe.
On the other hand maybe it will make me even hipper then my camo’d Drake mid high slip on field shoes do!

Anyway, after beating the odds for my first 50 years, I am going to WEAR MY PASSION the way I want and be the hick I really am….
Until I see you in the field or water, remember, be Safe, be Good and BE LUCKY!