Since I was a kid, I always have thought about upgrading trucks after I bought them.  Intentions of lift kits, tires, and rims were always present but rare in reality.  

I thought it might be the same with my current vehicle.  A lightly used F250 Diesel “Fleet truck”.  It is a plain work truck.  White, brown leather, eight foot bed, crank handle windows with manual locks.  Plain. Functional. Work truck. 

 Don’t get me wrong, I liked it.  But I didn’t love it.  I liked the big diesel, the big bed, the ground clearance and the roomy interior.  I don’t like driving a fleet truck. 

If I was going to keep this truck I wanted to make it a truck which I was proud. 

I decided to reflect my motto of “wear your passion”, I needed to customize my truck.   

I had always had a little envy for the nicely customized trucks you see around town.  I really liked the trucks you see form the guides and product representatives at the outdoor shows and calling contests.  The camo wrapped and decal covered ones.  Just looking at them makes me reminisce about days in the field.

I don’t do my own repairs or even much of the maintenance. I have been always a little intimidated looking at the web sites of customized vehicles. 

Thinking of the cost and then the cost of paying someone to put it on my truck always bothered me.  Thinking of the toys I could use that cash for; shotgun, marsh boat or other toys.  These thoughts kept me from really exploring much into the look that I craved.

Well times change. 

So, I decided to start learning what I wanted and how to get it.  I started off looking on the web for customized trucks getting an idea of the look I wanted.  I love the look of the camo taped vehicles with the grassy effect. 

I then started to learn about the types of materials and the plusses and minuses of each.  What I found out was there are two types of commonly used material for camoing trucks. 

Permanent and removable tape. 

Now there are more differences then just this characteristic but I wanted something I could remove and not damage the paint, just in case I decided I wanted a change.  I also learned that the premium 3M tape, besides being removable, is very easy to apply.  It can be lifted and repositioned and even slightly heated and stretched to cover small curvatures in the vehicles. 

No real question here … go with 3M tape. 

Next find a vender.  I went on to a few social sites and found some guys who have done similar projects on their trucks.  Some had some bad experiences; being promised products would cover something they wouldn’t, never being able to get a person on the phone to talk to, having to wait three weeks after ordering to get their merchandise.  Not good.

My next step was to send some email inquiries out to ask a few questions about product, coverage, and shipping.  One vender emailed me right back with answers to my questions.  A follow up phone call and I felt very comfortable. 

Chris, at Camo My Ride (, was eager to listen to what my idea was to cover my truck and then tell me what he suggested I needed (even telling me what I didn’t need).  I found his prices were the best I had seen and Chris told me if I could find a better price he would match it.  Pretty good service in my book. 

 I ordered my supplies and then spent a couple of hours reviewing application videos and reading the Frequently Asked Questions section of Chris’s web site.  Although slightly nervous I decided I could do this.  All in my costs were about $600.00 plus a $25 heat gun I got at Lowes. 

Four days after I ordered my supplies came in the mail. 

I took my truck to an automatic car wash (one with the brushes) and ran it through twice.  Then I went home and hand washed the area were the tape would go with rubbing alcohol, (I repeated the wipe off with rubbing alcohol prior to applying to each section). 

Following the directions I went from back to front and bottom to top.   The material was great.  This is a project best done with four hands.  I only used my two.   Overall, I gave myself a B- to C+ on my instillation. I didn’t get air bubbles; I did get a few wrinkles, nothing that is noticeable unless you run your hand over a couple of spots.   

Overall I am super happy with the finished project. 

 Recently I took it to the store and while checking my phone, a guy in a truck drove around my truck and pulled up to my window, “I love your truck man”!   

You know what?  I do too!

So if you have a new vehicle and you want to protect it against the scratches that come from having it in the field check out Camo My Ride for a classy covering.

 If you got an old vehicle that you want to give new life to, go over and talk to Chris and let him know what you have in mind.

If you just want to have a new PRIDE IN YOUR RIDE then consider doing what I did and have some fun creating an extension of your own passion for waterfowl hunting.

Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Be Good and BE LUCKY!​​

Having Pride in YOUR Ride ~ !