​Gun Care

Although you should be regularly lightly cleaning your gun throughout the season, at the end of the season, give it a thorough cleaning with quality products.

A shotgun, different from other investments, will last a lifetime and maybe your kids too, if properly cared for.

During the season, I probably don’t do enough gun cleaning.  I am busy tending to decoys, dogs, and gear; scouting, organizing and trying to keep the domestic situation on an even keel.  I find I am always in hurry and trying to get more sleep time in.

Sometimes my gun maintenance slips a bit. 

I do religiously rub a quality rust inhibitor on my guns after each day in the field.  Occasionally, I will spray the action of my Maxus. 

I am lucky in that I own a Browning Over and Under and the auto. The Maxus will function dependably even if I go a while without breaking it down and thoroughly cleaning it. 


Another thing I got going for me is that I use a very high quality lube/cleaning/protective products that I believe provide protection unlike any I have ever experienced. 

Two products I use are;


QMaxx Black Diamond 4 in 1 Black Gun Oil. It is a revolutionary cleaner, lubricant and protectant developed specifically for black powder guns but great on all firearms.

Its dry to touch advanced cleaning formula removes powder and carbon buildup while leaving a protective coating. QMaxx Black Diamond’s outstanding water displacement properties prevent destructive rust and corrosion on the metal surfaces of my guns, even inside chambers. Cutting edge NanoMaxx Technology reduces friction on moving action parts, choke tubes and gas pistons on automatics.


The second product is QMaxx BLU Gun and Knife 4 in 1 Oil. It is a super-premium gun and knife oil specifically formulated to protect from both saltwater and freshwater in the most extreme weather conditions. QMaxx BLU protects the bluing of barrels and steel parts from corrosion and moisture, prevents rust inside chambers, dissolves surface rust, displaces and prevents moisture on knives and lubricates mechanisms and moving parts.


QMaxx BLU also comes in a very handy Pen distributor that easily is stored in my blind bag.  This makes it convenient to use even in the field. Having this easy availability allows me to always lube my chokes when I swap them in the field even in rainy/snowy/muddy fields … you know …. regular waterfowl hunting days.

A few years back I lived in Maine and hunted sea ducks out in Penobscot Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. You could literally watch your gun rust while you hunted.  At that time I used some Remington gun oil wipes and was constantly wiping my gun down and as soon as I got home I would find my gun had rusted and I would be rubbing 10w40 over it. 

Twice, I found I couldn’t get a choke removed from the barrel without soaking the barrel in a penetrating oil and then using a block and hammer on it.

What I have learned is that water displaces typical gun oils and that is why you need to keep taking your guns out even over the summer and rubbing them down ….. because even the water in the air will displace most oil and put your guns at risk for corrosion.   

With these QMaxx products the protection stays on the metal and keeps my guns safe from rust.

To fully clean your shotgun, keep these thoughts in mind.

The first step is to find a well ventilated place to clean the guns. The solvents and cleaning products for your gun can have an odor to them.  Your wife and kids may object to you doing it in the front room.

It is recommended to clean a shotgun from the breech to avoid any damage to the end of the barrel that might affect accuracy.

With a double barrel shotgun or bolt action, breech cleaning is easy, but pumps and autoloaders require disassembly. Some guns will be impossible without a flexible cleaning device.

The first step at cleaning is a good brushing with a brass brush. This will remove any residue left from shotgun wads or copper/lead that has come into contact with the barrel.

In cleaning a semi auto you must clean the entire powder residue off the assembly. This is very important.  Use quality solvent and protective metal cleaner, lubricant and water displacement oil such as those from QMAXX.

After the wire brush, clean the powder residue from the bore. Continued swabbings with cleaning patches soaked in solvent you trust until the patches come out of the barrel clean. The bore should then be lightly oiled with a few swipes of a patch with some lubricant added. It should remain lightly oiled. 

I trust QMaxx because I believe it’s a superior product line. I’ve noticed that the more I use QMaxx the better the protection. It doesn’t cake up or break down under heat and stress. And the more I use it, the easier it is to clean guns. I bore snake the barrels, wipe everything down and spray it with more QMaxx

Next the rest of the gun. The receiver and action should be cleaned.

A quality gun grease should be used on the parts of the gun subject to wear, like the hinge of a double barrel.  

It is important to look carefully during cleaning. If you notice severe wear on any part take action.  Don’t wait for a failure. Don’t be afraid to take the firearm to a professional gunsmith if you are concerned.

Think about how you store your firearms. There are devices for gun cabinets that absorb humidity and protect guns from rusting. They are a good idea for anyone who wants to keep their guns in top condition.

You have a significant amount of money invested in your guns. Fortunately, Qmaxx has developed new materials that make gun cleaning far less of a chore, with less risk to your firearm, keeping the value safe.  

These products make it much easier to clean and protect your investment, and today there is no excuse for not taking the time to maintain your shotguns…. Your kids might be the ones who thank you the most!

Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Be Good and BE LUCKY​~!