At the end of every hunting season I have a pretty big dilemma; how to get all this goose and duck meat consumed before next fall arrives?

A not so easy undertaking. 

Duck goes first.

Being tender and tasty helps. Duck sandwiches and duck Kabobs are appetizing and if spread out no more than once every couple of weeks the kids and the wife won’t complain … might even compliment! 


Friday night summer barbeques at our house consists of a few friends coming by and having barbequed corn and goose.  Four receipts are recycled on the birds; BBQ bird on a stick, bacon wraps, in a roasted in a foil wrap, and stuffed with jalapeno cream cheese. 

As long as my cooler holds some adult beverages for the adults and soda for the kids our deck remains full.

A weekly event whose enthusiasm wanes greatly as the winter progress is the crock pot chili.  My favorite way to consume goose; rich and tasty, hot and filling.  College football, goose chili, and a cold beer, elements to a good life.  A contextual note, I am the only one in my house who like to watch football.


The reaction of those I live with change toward the chili as the winter progresses.

By February I can barely stand to hear the groans. Goose chili will also get an appearance or two at the pot luck events in the winter occurring at work and church. 

Sometimes more appreciated than others.

Another favorite which loses appreciation as the months pass is the pulled goose barbeque sandwiches.  I have found that once-a-week is too often.  

By August I will panic if I still have goose in the Freezer. 

Doubling up the routines on delivery of this cuisine is not a winning strategy in my house hold.  But yesterday, as I prepared some bacon wrap goose stuffed with cream cheese for the family I realized I have ONLY enough goose meat in the freezer for one more crock pot full of chili! 

Victory is mine. 

Now my next challenge, kill enough ducks and geese this fall to make it nearly impossible to consume it all in the off season…… the battle never ends.

Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Be Good, and BE LUCKY!

A goal accomplished ~ small victories!