Using the Off Season to have a Superior Waterfowl Season this fall.

In the story of Winnie the Poo, when Winnie is asked what is the best thing in the world he replies,    “Eating honey is a mighty fine thing, but there is a moment right before you eat the honey that is actually better then eating the honey”.  

I am a diehard Waterfowler.  I love it. But I also love thinking, dreaming, planning and preparing for it nearly as much!

Here is something I am doing during the off season to groom for a memorable killing season. 

Flocking and Re-flocking 

If you hunt geese, no matter what brand of decoys you use, consider flocking the heads and tails with black nylon flocking material.  This is not arduous and it REALLY adds to the look of the decoy. Using black flocking on the heads and tails and using some flat white paint to touch up the butt and the checks is not a lot of work and will add definition and POP to your decoys.

If have Canada decoys that already have flocking on them, take them out and clean them off and if in need, re-flock the heads and tails and touch up with flat white. I also flock the green heads and butts of my Mallard Drakes.  Makes them look more animated on the water and just a little bit different than most other decoys they will be seeing. 
I like to trust these steps make my decoys better; I know it makes me feel better.

Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Be Good, and BE LUCKY!