Insuring Domestic Tranquility While Financing the Passion; The Cabela’s Club Card! 

I have been told, that in some relationships (were the two spouses don’t share the passion for the hunt), the hunter in the couple may occasionally finds that the “zeal” causes stress in the relationship.

Again, I have been told, not that I have directly experienced, that in some loving relationships biweekly pay day conversations can involve a review of “How much money have YOU spent on camo cloths so far this year?”, or other uncomfortable spending trends.

Intense “discussions” on a theme such as what is more important, that new firearm or the holiday trip, the three day romantic get-away to Reno in the spring or the trip to Northwest Nebraska to chase turkeys? All questions that can be quite distressing to the zealous Waterfowler.

Yes, it is easy for me to counsel the young couple on the correct answer; Nebraska in April!  But no matter how absolutely correct I am, the couple must learn a strategy the preserves the domestic bliss.

Although I am a fan of saying ‘I don’t know anything but let me tell you what I think’, I think I know a strategy that enhances the opportunity for harmony and reduces the frequency of conflict as you pursue happiness on two fronts.

A dedicated credit card. 

Before you react let me finish.  A couple agreeing on what a reasonable monthly expenditure is for individual pursuits allows for some independence and predictability for all involved.

Let me be specific with my suggestion, Cabela’s Club Visa is great way finance the hunt without undue hardship on the kinfolk.

The Cabela’s Visa is a no annual fee visa that earns points which can be used to purchase things from the World’s foremost outfitter.  You get 2% cash back on all stuff bought at Cabela’s and 1% on all your other purchases.  In addition, Cabela’s will run sells on stuff (that may very well be something you have to have), with bonus points (10-20%) to add to your total. 

It is a great way to not only get what you need but to get what you want.

If you use the card for everything (gas, food, mortgage,) and then pay the card off each month it will cost you no more and you will quickly earn points that you can turn into decoys, guns and shells. 

I also use my card to allow me to spread the cost of my annual “destination hunt” out over the rest of the year.  It has taken me on multiple trips to North Dakota, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, and Montana. 

My wife knows I plan these outings.  We also budget a “not to exceed” number that I can use to arrange these events.  We don’t have to discuss each expenditure.  I can manage the budget to seek out the adventures I crave.  I leverage my club membership to get most of the gear I need and use the flexibility of the card to increase my options in planning one annual expedition.

So, my advice is to stop into Cabela’s and apply for the card.  It takes only a few minutes and regardless you will get a free hat.  You could get fewer arguments in your home. 

When you go, please consider saying you were referred by the Fowled Up Waterfowler ~ Please tell'em EN 134088 referred you.  I would sincerely appreciate it.

Until I see you in the field, be safe, be good, and BE LUCKY​