Conceal Well

I love to hunt ducks and geese.  I really love to get close. So close that I can look’em in the eye.  To get close it is essential that you get a hide that blends into the surroundings. 

Not owning my own land or belonging to a club, I am a mobile hunter. I also need a blind that is lite weight, transportable, and convenient.  

But to get a blind that you can hunt with, (if you are a nomad like me) you need an essential, yet portable blind.

If you hunt from a boat, the light weight is really important.  Lots of materials can be used to make a good hide.  But much of what you can use can significantly increase weight on your boat. That is especially true if the material retains water.  Weight reduces your speed and load capacity. 

I have used natural vegetation, grass mats, burlap, and raffia grass bundles.   All can help you blend in.  But the former materials can hold water and make your hide bulky, heavy, and cumbersome. 

For a boat blind canvas and netting are the two materials I turn to.  For a small marsh boat I want only netting.  It allows a small boat to disappear and keeps weight to an absolute minimum; important if you are pushing it using a small outboard or electric motor.


For my larger duck boat, I use camo canvas with netting enhancements.  I like the canvas because if can break the wind and sheds the rain. But if you have ever seen a canvas boat blind on a boat on the marsh …. well that’s my point … you can see it.  I floating block (kinda like a bobber).

Take that same blind and hand some lite weight duck blind netting on it and you will see (or maybe not see) a big difference.  The leafy cut mimics vegetation without adding bulk and can really make the blind blend.  The netting sheds water and stays lite even when the spray covers it on the ride in or the rain drenches you. 


Leafy cut netting, besides being lite weight is super easy to work with.  A package of ABATURE Outpost Netting and some cable ties and you can quickly cover a good blind making it a better blind.

Until I see you in the field, Be Safe, Be Good and BE LUCKY!