The Highest Quality, Highest Utility, Most Impressive Set of Lanyards Made. 

AND  A NEW Innovative Lanyard Designed for the Hunter Using a Layout Blind 

Clips onto your Coat/Jacket/Vest zipper ~
~ Keeps your calls away from your shoulder ~

~ Uses Quick Attach Call Drops ~

~ Comes with two Double Drops ~

BOTH~Lanyards with Entire Call Management System ~FREE Shipping~ just $49.99


Best Made Lanyard and Call Management System~ FULL Lanyard and Layout Jacket Lanyard

FIRST~ Five Rings ~ 550 Para Cord ~ Quick Attach Call Drops ~ 5 Double Drops ~ 5 Single Drops ~ Quick Attach Light ~ Whistle/Remote Drop~ 2 Leg Bands

Great Gifts For the Die Hard Waterfowler ~ A Quality Browning Cap in Duck Blind Camo with an Attached Leg Band on the Brim and a GREAT Pair of camo, Brown Lenses Sunglasses ~ WEAR YOUR PASSION ~ get BOTH for a GREAT Price shipping Included~!      ~SOLD OUT~ 

~ Allows the Serious Waterfowler to keep ALL their calls on drops ready to be QUICKLY added or subtracted from their lanyard no matter weather or conditions ~